Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

Independent Quality Controls & QC Data Management Software


Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, founded in 2008, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of consolidated quality control solutions for clinical laboratories, including independent QC materials – such as the Multichem® QC range - and IAMQC informatics software. Its innovative product offerings help to increase laboratory efficiencies through consolidation and automation, simplifying the QC process. Technopath Clinical Diagnostics became part of LGC in 2021.

Flagship Products

Multichem® is a class leading, third-party, test-consolidated QC product range. With an extensive list of analytes included in the Multichem® product range - quality, choice and flexibility is guaranteed for all customers. In 2016, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics launched the first barcoded QC material that can be stored directly on-board the instrument. The focus is on innovating and developing the best and most efficient QC solutions for the modern laboratory.

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