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SeraCare, founded in 1984, is a leading partner to global In Vitro diagnostics manufacturers and clinical laboratories. Part of LGC since 2018, it manufactures and supplies quality control materials for infectious disease testing through its ACCURUN® reagents, as well as the Seraseq® range of products for the clinical next-generation sequencing market in the fields of oncology, NIPT, and inherited disease testing. A broad selection of highly multiplexed, patient-like reference materials with clinically-relevant DNA and RNA variants is available, manufactured in cGMP-compliant, ISO 13485-certified facilities.

Flagship Products

SeraCare's flagship product cover:

  • ACCURUN® controls and reference materials: Designed to be weakly reactive to help monitor serology assays for additional confidence in laboratory test results.

  • Seraseq® Next-generation sequencing (NGS) reference materials: Helping scientists and clinicians build, validate, implement, and standardize better clinical genomics assays.

  • Customizable biological materials: Enabling leading diagnostic assay developers to build more robust assays, faster. SeraCare’s readily available antibodies and immunoassay reagents will accelerate research and IVD assay development.

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