Kova International

Kova International

The Gold Standard for Urinalysis Quality, Accuracy, & Safety.


Kova International Inc., founded in 2013, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of quality control solutions for clinical laboratories, reference laboratories and physician office laboratory providing third-party external urinalysis controls. 

Products include Kova-Trol®, Kova-LiquaTrol® and Kova® poc.  Kova International, Inc. became part of LGC Clinical Diagnostics in 2023.

Flagship Products

Kova-Trol and Kova-LiquaTrol are class leading, third-party, urinalysis qualitative and quantitative controls.  With an industry leading shelf life, open-vial stability, and packaging options, quality, choice and flexibility are guaranteed for all customers.

In 2019, Kova International, Inc. launched the Kova poc line. Kova poc is a ready-to-use liquid control with urobilinogen, saving sample preparation time and reducing inconsistencies and errors. It is available in two levels, normal and abnormal, with or without microscopics.